ISCTE Business School

IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.


Getting the students from ISCTE Business School (IBS) closer to the companies is a strong priority. Therefore, IBS is developing, in partnership with national and international companies, the opportunity of doing internships throughout the years of study. 

Curricular Internships

Designed for final year students, these internships allow them to do their final project (Undergraduate and Master) inside of one of biggest national or international companies.

IBS Summer Internship Programme

IBS Summer Internship Programme is an excellent opportunity for IBS students to apply their knowledge in a more practical context, during an internship with a maximum duration of 12 weeks, on a full-time basis. It takes place between the months of July and September. For this program, are only eligible the students who had not concluded their studies yet (Undergraduate or Master).

For more information about internship opportunities enter IBSnetworking.

IBS Trainees Programme

The IBS Trainees Programme from ISCTE Business School aims to endow the school with the best and most suitable human resources, and to provide students a solid professional experience as well. With this programme, students can acquire a deep knowledge on how a Business School works.

For more information about internship opportunities enter Programa IBS Trainees.