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Research opportunities

The Exchange Week is an event organized for ISCTE Business School students, academics and researchers to discover potential global research opportunities with visiting professors under the Erasmus framework. On the 4th edition, we will receive 19 academics from 11 different countries from 14 top-class universities. 


Below you may find a full list of participating foreign researchers and topics in 2017 edition:

Business English
Variability of Multi-Words Terms Prof. Ivanka Rajh - Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia
Finance and Accounting
Banking Sector Credit Ratings Prof. Patrycja Chodnicka-Jaworska - University of Warsaw, Poland
The EU Capital Markets Union Prof. Arvydas Paškevičius - Vilnus University, Faculty of Economics, Lithuania
Credit Frictions and Investment Activities of SMEs  Prof. Barbara Morec - University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia

1. Market Finance: the inflation-linked bonds; hedging bonds portfolios

2. Corporate Finance: Marke Financing SMEs

Prof. Beatrice de Severac - Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, France
Cyber Insurance as a tool of cyber-risk management Prof. Grzegorz Strupczewski - Krakow Univesity of Economics, Poland
Business Law
Universal Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) System  Prof. Bartosz Ziemblicki - Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland
Hospitality and Tourism Management
Responsible Consumption and Business Model Prof. Beatrice Bellini - Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, France
Food Tourism Prof. Tomás López-Guzmán - University of Córdoba, Spain

Designing and Testing Methodology for M&E of Cycle Routes in Czech Republic

Interpretation of European Cultural Heritage through Attractions in Tourism

Evaluation of the Course "Internship" in the Bachelor Study programme

Prof. Libena Jarolimkova - University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic
 Human Resources
Positive and Negative Effects of Business Coaching Prof. Carolin Graßmann - SRH Hochschule Berlin, Germany 
Labour Market Exclusion in the EU and Strategies for Resisting Long-Term Unemployement Prof. Agne Lauzadyte-Tutliene - Vilnus University, Faculty of Economics, Lithuania
Attitudes to Advertisement in the Middle Europe - Czechs and Advertising Prof. David RihaUniversity of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic
Conditions of Innovation Dynamics in Market Economies Prof. Elzbieta Pohulak-Zolendowska - Wroclaw University of Economics, Poland 
Teaching Methods in Entrepreneurship Education  Prof. Eva Radvany - International Business School, Hungary
From Uber to Uberization: a Complex, Dynamic and Multidimensional Issue Prof. Nabya Daidj - Telecom Business School, France

Dangerous Liasons? Business Interests and Political Parties in Czech Republic

Prof. Jan Nemec - University of Economics in Prague, Czech Republic

1. Digital Currencies and Foreign Exchange Risk

2. Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth: the case of Bulgaria and other EU Member States

Prof. Irena Nikolova - New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria

We look forward to your enrolment!

The SME's debt financing in Europe Beatrice de Severac - Paris Ouest Nanterre la Défense, France

During a Round Table, where all ideas can be discussed, following a brief introduction of each guest professor about his ongoing research and areas of interest, a “matchmaking” session will be held during the coffee break, where you will have a possibility to talk over the ideas presented and hopefully discover opportunities to engage in joint projects.