ISCTE Business School

Courses in English

When choosing the courses, please be aware of the following:

  • Due to the high number of offered courses, some of them may overlap. The students should not choose overlapping subjects, as all scheduled classes are mandatory.
  • There is a limited number of students accepted per course.
  • Only when justified, are students allowed to sign up for courses amounting to more than 30 ECTS credits.
  • It is not allowed to mix courses of various Master's programmes.
  • In case of choosing a Master's programme, it is required to select at least 24 ECTS (if available) in courses of this particular  programme. The missing credits (if applicable) may be completed with undergraduate/advanced courses.

The choice of courses is done in two phases:

  • 1st phase - selection of courses during enrolment via  internal system called Fenix,
  • 2nd phase (when applicable) - adjustments in the choice of courses in case of inadequate selection, advised by ISCTE Business School Programme Manager (ongoing).

1st Semester - List of courses in English 2017/2018 

2nd Semester - Provisional List of courses in English 2017/2018 

You should always contact your Home University academic coordination for advice regarding the choice of courses.

Schedule of classes at ISCTE-IUL - breaks

The breaks between classes are the following (for scheduling purposes, these breaks are not indicated in the Fénix system):