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The "White City" -The Lisbon of Stories and Inspiration


From traditional and extremely friendly taverns to sophisticated and international prize-winning restaurants, everything is possible in Lisbon - the perfect place to have a meal! 

Close to the sea, traditional Lisbon gastronomy includes fresh fish and delicious shellfish delights. Although the abundance of fresh fish, the salted and dried codfish - known as 'bacalhau' - is considered the national dish, prepared in 1001 different ways – all of them irresistible!

Lisboetas are coffee tireless drinkers. Strong and served in small shots, coffee is an institution in Portugal: the perfect reason for a break, going out after dinner, meeting friends or indulging yourself with a sweet or pastry, specially the famous custard tarts – 'pastéis de Belém' – always with cinnamon and sugar powder!