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IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.

IBS Career Week

The 8th edition of the Career Week will be held between the 10th and 14th of November 2014


IBS Career Services annually hosts the Career Week, in which IBS students get in contact with alumni and the companies they presently work for, which allows the current students to explore different career options. This initiative aims to provide IBS students with new information that fosters conscious and informed choices regarding their professional future.





The Career Week involves two initiatives:

  • My Daily Work – IBS alumni go to the classrooms to explain their daily functions in the company they currently work for. This initiative aims not only to present career options in distinct business areas, but also to clarify doubts and questions that students often have regarding their professional future.
  • Side By Side – this initiative involves the visit to major recruiting companies with the goal of internally showing the companies’ routines.  In order to promote and develop a culture that values individual effort and merit, IBS rewards and highlights their best students on a regular basis. Thus, this initiative is exclusive to Top IBS and Top Master students, who will have the opportunity of coming across with the company’s work reality, different departments and functions, as well as developing their network by getting in contact with members of companies such as PwC (IBS Corporate Partner), Deloitte (IBS Campus Ally) and Galp Energia.

Visits Calendar: 

  • November 13 – visit to PwC (exclusive to Top IBS and Top Master students)
  • November 21 – visit to Galp Energia (exclusive to Top IBS and Top Master students)
  • November 25 – visit to Deloitte (exclusive to students of MSc in Business Administration, MSc in Management, MSc in Finance, MSc in Economics and MSc in Accounting – both taught in Portuguese and English)

November 10

- BSc in Accounting (11h10)
Guest: Elena Racu, PwC  

- BSc in Industrial and Logistics Management  (11h10) Guests: Filipa Grenho, Chronopost; Vanessa Pacheco, Sonae  

- MSc Human Resources Management (14h30)
Guests: David Batista, Galp Energia; Inês Maia, Deloitte

November 11

- MSc in Marketing (12h00) Guests: Mafalda Penetra, Sonae; Marisa Oliveira, Galp Energia  

- MSc in Management, taught in Portuguese (Classroom B203, 13h00)
Guests: Horacio Cal, Unilever; Pedro Simões Louro, Caixa Geral de Depósitos  

- MSc in Economics (16h00)
Guest: Elisabete Azevedo, BdP  

- MSc in Finance (17h30)
Guest: Mónica Silva, PwC

November 12

- BSc in Economics (08h00)
Guests: Daniel Valbom, EY; Luís Pires, Diário Económico; Miguel Araújo, McDonalds

- MSc in Management of Services and Technology (12h30)
Guests: Ana Lima, Portugal Telecom; Pedro Giro, Sonae

November 13

- MSc in Business Administration (11h10)
Guests: Ana Martins, Microsoft; Vanda de Jesus, Microsoft  

- MSc in Accounting, taught in Portuguese (12h00)
Guests: Márcia Santos, Deloitte; Vanessa Reis, PwC  

- BSc in Finance (12h00)
Guests: Tiago Mota, Roland Berger  

- BSc in Management (13h00)
Guests: Diogo Oliveira, EY; Sónia Pargana, Unilever

November 14

- BSc in Marketing Management (09h40)
Guests: Gonçalo Peixoto, Jerónimo Martins; João Ceriz, Centralcer  

- BSc in Management (11h10)
Guests: Marina Gomes, Mazars; Rute Pereira, Mazars