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New Trends in Fintech and Crowdfunding


The world and its economy are changing. The third industrial revolution has ended and the fourth one is approaching.
Due to the huge amount of information now available through the internet and the proliferation of always more powerful new technologies, a new set of complex tools and a new vocabulary arose. Proof of work, Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, robot advisor, digital contracts and miners are just some of these new tools, probably the most famous.

This course will guide students toward the understanding of what is coming with the advent of the fourth industrial revolution. More precisely, this course will introduce the student to the role of technology in finance: the so-called Fintech, as well as its potential implications for capital markets.

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Professor Pedro Inácio
PhD in Finance at ISCTE-IUL;
Assistant professor at ISCTE Business School,
Department of Finance.


Professor Carlo Sala
PhD in Finance, University of Lugano, Switzerland;
Assistant Professor at ESADE Business School;
Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting.




Resultado de imagem para Professor Vinay PranjivanProfessor Vinay Pranjivan
Expert on consusmer protection in financial services;
Msc on Business Economics and Competition from the ISCTE Business School.


 Professor Samuel Da-Rocha Lopes 
 PhD in Finance at ISCTE-IUL;
 Visiting Lecture at Aarhus University, Denmark
 Economic Analysis and Impact Assessments   at European Banking Authority (EBA), London, UK