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The "White City" -The Lisbon of Stories and Inspiration

Modern Business Environment

Studying business in Portugal also means entering a vibrant entrepreneurial arena, where companies strive for niches and end up successfully delivering their uniqueness to the world.

Portuguese brands are all over the world, though people may not realize their origins. One of the world's ten top producers of porcelain is Portuguese. Foreign friends and visitors also marvel at the fact that the country is building Europe's largest solar power station and already derives more than 40% of its power from renewable energy. Portugal also invented pre-payment cards for mobile communications and the automatic drive-through highway tolls that are used all over Europe and the US.
Portuguese architects, engineers, materials and systems have been presented to the world for centuries, through huge works and ingenious inventions that have made their mark and endured. Portuguese design and production is based on technology that is highly revolutionary. National software firms are global points of reference in the development of critical information systems, and currently attract some of the worlds' most demanding customers, such as NASA.

In addition, the Portuguese banking industry has been recognized as one of the most technologically advanced in the world.  The processes used and the electronic remote level of services provided have resulted in outstanding productivity and customer satisfaction. The mutual fund and investment banking industries are innovative, sophisticated and enriched by the presence of leading international players.  In short, it is a competitive and challenging environment that makes for a unique educational and professional experience.

Portugal has long been known as the world's leading cork producer, but there are also lesser known areas in which it has assumed the leadership position. International demand for machinery made in Portugal continues to grow and the country has made its mark on the development of countries throughout the world. Machinery is Portugal's #1 export. Portugal is sets the bar in terms of reliability in the moulds industry. It is one of Europe's top home textiles manufacturers and is the world's third largest textile exporter. The country also leads the world in footwear technology and is Europe's #3 exporter.

And let's not forget Portuguese table wines, Port wine, olive oil, fish, and shellfish - all examples of some of the delightful Mediterranean dining treats with an Atlantic flavour that Portugal promotes and that you will have a chance to experience. Portugal is indeed a unique destination: no other country in Europe can offer so much diversity within such a short and enchanting space.