ISCTE Business School

IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.

Study at ISCTE Business School

ISCTE Business School is a unique institution!!

The distinguished faculty and programmes are the most visible components of its value proposition. Its reputation, for being the Portuguese Business School of reference is continuously reinforced by awards, prizes and international accreditations.

IBS is also the most international Portuguese Business School, due to in numerous partnerships and protocols with universities all over the world. Every year, it has more than 100 foreign students on board.

Its student centric philosophy is built upon a close relationship between student and professor and a strong emphasis on student's personal competencies. The Personal Development Programme is an excellent example of this approach.

The School's recognised practical approach and the strong relation with the corporate world has been responsible for a strong demand for its students in the job market and unique employment ratios.