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IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.

Company Open Days

ISCTE Business School (IBS) runs a set of strategic activities with the main purpose of strengthening the relationships between companies and students, organizing events that aim to promote students employability. On the one hand, it enhances the role of the companies on our students’ education, and on the other hand it gives a practical support on the beginning of the recruitment processes.

The collaboration of our major recruiters in this process is especially relevant. Therefore, IBS invites those, throughout the academic year, to get even closer with our students.

Company Presentation Sessions

IBS gives the opportunity to larger recruiters to make a company presentation and information sessions on campus. These events ensure an academic and entrepreneurial exchange that we consider to be highly productive. It is one of the best opportunities for our students to get to know the company, its job opportunities or even new projects that they can take part of.


The companies’ inputs in our student preparation process enable a greater suitability of our competences and skills training to the recruiters needs. Through workshops of soft skills conducted by the greatest national and international companies, IBS students have the opportunity to identify which distinctive factors may help them to make a difference in the increasingly demanding recruitment and selection processes, growing the chances to integrate the company.

Open Days

Getting out of campus to visit some of the biggest national companies is the main purpose of the Open Days developed in partnership with our business partners. These events combine a training component with the possibility to experience, for one day, the daily activities of a particular company. Under those circumstances, some of our partners open their office doors and invite our students to watch and participate in several company activities, enhancing even more the bond between the two parts.

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