ISCTE Business School

Primus Inter Pares 2013

Pedro Quinaz and Dianne Gomes from ISCTE Business School win 1st and 2nd place of 10th edition of Primus Inter Pares

Student Awards

Our students are encouraged to take part in national and international student competitions. The awards they have won attest to how well-prepared they are to meet the challenges of a competitive business environment.

24 Hours of Management 2011

The competition consisted of simulating and outlining the management strategy for a business and tested both the students’ intellectual prowess and physical endurance.
Most of the members in the winning “L2RA by Millennium” team were ISCTE Business School master’s students:

  • Ricardo Lourenço – Executive Master’s student in Integrated Brand Management at INDEG/ISCTE;
  • Ana Francisquinho – MSc in Marketing, at ISCTE Business School;
  • Ana Calado – MSc in Marketing, at ISCTE Business School;
  • Ricardo Matias – MSc in Finance, at ISCTE Business School, and;
  • Luís Fernandes, student at ISEG.

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Renault “Wheels of the Future”  2011

Renault ’s “Wheels of the Future ” 2011 Bruno Martins, David Sobrinho, Edgar Rodrigues, João Solano, Paulo Raimundo and Vera Silva, from the undergraduate programme in Marketing Management at ISCTE Business School won this Renault-sponsored, 2010/2011 contest, aimed at university students. Participants were asked to draw up a media plan for Renault’s Z. E. line of vehicles.

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24 Hours of Logistics 2011

Ana Margarida Rico, João Cunha, Denis Carmo and Vasco Nogueira, undergraduate students in Management and Industrial Engineering at ISCTE Business School, garnered first prize in the 24 Hours of Logistics competition in which, working in a real environment, participants were put to the test both intellectually and physically, working 24 straight hours to solve challenges related to functional logistics and distribution.

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 EDP University Challenge 2011

In this competition sponsored by Portugal’s energy company, EDP, students were asked to come up with a marketing and communication plan to improve consumer awareness of the need to adopt energy-efficient practices.

Primus InterPares (8th Edition) 2010/2011

The winner of the grand prize of the 2010/2011 edition of Primus Inter Pares was José Salgado, a master’s student in Finance at ISCTE Business School. The fourth prize winner was Pedro Rosmaninho, an MSc in Business Administration student at ISCTE Business School.

Primus Inter Pares is jointly run by Santander Totta Bank, Sojornal – from the newspaper Expresso, and McKinsey, through the Manuel Violante Foundation, and strives to promote a culture of professionalism, rigor and excellence in the field of corporate management.

Angelini University Awards 2009/2010

The winning team at the Angelini University Awards 2009/2010 was made up of Marketing Management students from ISCTE Business School. The prize was awarded to the best plan for creating a unit offering health services to Alzheimer patients.

Brandstorm 2010 L’Oréal

The ISCTE Business School Team was the overall winner of the 2010 L’Oreal Brandstorm competition in Paris. The final round featured teams from 43 countries and was presided over
by the CEO of the L’Oreal Group, Jean-Paul Agon. The challenge in 2010 was for students to create a new range of cosmetic products for the men’s brand DIESEL and develop an integrated marketing strategy from product design to the media campaign.

International Student Busines Fórum 10 (Deloite)

A student of Economics at ISCTE Business School was chosen to represent Portugal, ISCTE-IUL and Deloitte in Athens, Greece.

Prémio anual Universitário Lotaçor (2009/2010)

A team of undergraduate Marketing Management students from the ISCTE Business School won the annual university Lotacor Prize for 2009/2010. The project was to create a brand and develop a commercial strategy to sell fresh Azorean fish in the mainland Portuguese market.

Leadership Tournament 2010

The OMEGA team from ISCTE Business School won the 2010 Leadership Tournament, which is organised by AIESEC, and is aimed to stimulate leadership values among Portuguese university students.

Prémio Coeur 2010

Students from ISCTE Business School won the COEUR 2010 Entrepreneurship Programme, sponsored by the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil.

Other competitions in which ISCTE Business School students have taken part in:

  • Iberian CFA Investment Research Challenge 2012;
  • Trust by Danone;
  • Millennium Banking Game 2010;
  • Reveal by L’Oréal;
  • Global Management Challenge;
  • Projecto SEED - 2 students.