ISCTE Business School

IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.

IBS Trainees Programme

The ISCTE Business School trainee programme aims to allow the School to employ highly qualified, young human resources as well as to provide the students with remarkable experience allowing them to have deeper knowledge of the daily operations of a Business School.

The participation in this programme is open to any IBS student, although the main focus is on master students who are enrolled in their second year and developing their master thesis.

This programme also allows active listening of one of the most important stakeholders of the School, the students. 

For the ISCTE Business School it is very important to ensure the proximity between the students and the team responsible for the school coordination. The creation of this programme allows the participation of the IBS Trainees in various activities of the School.

Main advantages:

  • Professional experience which complements the IBS academic background
  • Direct contact and participation in the IBS management activities
  • Direct supervision made by competent and experienced collaborators which manage the day-to-day operations of the IBS
  • Opportunity to suggest and implement changes that address the difficulties and necessities  identified from the student’s perspective
  • Acquiring of unique professional competences in the area of project management, performance evaluation, elaboration of presentations, among others
  • Professional orientation by the IBS staff 
  • Forum for discussion and support during the elaboration of the master thesis
  • Support to decision making in the most critical academic moments

IBS Offices included in the programme:

  • Accreditations & Rankings Office
  • IBS Career Services Office
  • IBS Marketing & Admissions Office

The IBS Trainees programme already counts with the participation of several ISCTE Business School students, many of them posteriorly recruited by national and multinational companies like Deloitte, KPMG, Calzedonia, Wyndham Worldwide, or Sonae, among others. Some of the IBS Trainees decided to continue their academic career, pursuing their studies in countries like Brazil, the Netherlands, or the United States.


“The IBS Trainee programme, of the ISCTE Business School has been an excellent opportunity to get to know the School’s dynamics and all the necessary resources for the management of an operation of excellence. Working at IBS has been a unique opportunity to acquire professional experience and apply the knowledge I have obtained through my undergraduate studies in management. It also allowed me  to meet excellent professionals, who advise me regarding the best opportunities for my personal and professional development.”

IBS Trainee in Marketing & Admissions Office in ISCTE Business School