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EURAM 2019 - Exploring the Future of Management

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  • 26 Jun. 2019
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Around 1800 researchers and academics start today (June 26) to discuss how European management can be affirmed globally.

The EURAM 2019 conference will take place at ISCTE-IUL until 28 June.

Issues such as aging, demographic asymmetries, climate change or the worsening of social inequality will be some of the issues under discussion at EURAM 2019 which aims to discuss European management and the future of the discipline.

Since this year, the conference will be held in Lisbon, the organization opened the possibility of articles being presented in Portuguese.

"Of the more than 2,000 articles submitted, 1,500 were accepted. All of them try to respond to the challenge this year launched by the organization: 'Exploring the Future of Management - Facts, Fashion and Fado"

The objective of the theme is to analyze in perspective three major tendencies of contemporary management: its foundation in the evidences, to have the status of science (Facts); the fashions that, through the decades, mark the management cycles - the "quality", the "e-commerce" or the big data, for example (Fashion); and, stone law, inscribed in the destination: in the end it is always the financial sector to command (Fado).

The largest conference in Europe is held annually in different countries of the European continent, and this year it takes place in Lisbon at ISCTE-IUL. Created as a space for debate that embraces different currents of thought, EURAM also emphasizes a European identity.

Check out the EURAM 2019 program here.