ISCTE Business School

IBS Spirit

IBS Spirit is characterised by an enormous teamwork capacity, creativity and pragmatism, and a goal-achieving mindset.


Today ISCTE Business School can rightfully claim to be the premier business school in Portugal and sets the standard in terms of teaching in business and management.It has built this reputation by communicating and interacting continuously with the  business community and by offering a unique international experience and vision. It continues to attract the very best in terms of students and staff who work closely  together. By joining ISCTE Business School, a dynamic, entrepreneurial and international cooperative, you will be opening the doors to a promising future and making a decisive life choice.

The employability of ISCTE Business School graduates is extremely high, with almost 100% finding work soon after graduation. Many of our students have gone on to join some of the biggest companies in some of the most challenging roles. This was achieved not only through the quality and reputation of ISCTE Business School but through the careers support we provide our students, with initiatives such as Career Forum, recruitment courses and specialist support.

Our name, ISCTE Business School, is written in English as a demonstration of the strong international perspective we instil in our students. This school annually receives the highest percentage foreign students, from the widest number of countries, of any Portuguese university, and we share with our guests international experience and culture. We are also the institution sending the highest percentage of students abroad, often their first step on an international career.

ISCTE Business School encourages students to give their best; it inspires ambition and develops their potential to discover their true capabilities. It does this through an innovative programme of personal development and encourages them to tackle challenges and become entrepreneurs.

Come and get to know us better, we look forward to meeting you.

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