Student's Association

Students’ association of Iscte University Institute of Lisbon is, by excellence, the representative structure of all students from Iscte universe. The association’s activity aims at providing the community with cultural, recreational and sports events and also is committed to endorsing pedagogical and educational policy, by promoting discussions, workshops and hosting other supporting regional and national events.

Sports activities 

7 team and individual sports, with possibility of participation in national competitions between universities.


Cinema cycle, workshops, exhibitions and music concerts

Academic and Educational Policy

Discussions, social responsibility, educational policy

Academic Parties

Organisation of the best academic parties of Lisbon: Freshmen’s Party, Winter Gala and Summer Gala, ISCTE-IUL weekend, among others

For the Educational and Pedagogical priority

Student’s association of ISCTE-IUL daily encourages participation in activities and projects for the community, with a clear commitment to rigor and transparency, in promotion of Higher Education focused on qualifications and competences.



Present in 126 countries and territories and with over 80.000 members, AIESEC is the world's largest youth-run organisation.  AIESEC offers professional and volunteer experiences abroad, leadership opportunities and access to international network.  AIESEC challenges young people to have real responsibilities and impact in society and world.

AIESEC is present at Iscte since 1983 and it is one of the 9 committees in Portugal. Currently it has 100 members and provides 30 team leader experiences and more than 100 international experiences per year.


Iscte Junior Consulting

Company organised and managed by University students whose main purpose is to be a reference platform for boosting the development of the best students of Iscte Business School. Founded in 2010, currently IJC have 50 active members and several partner entities and companies that support association’s growth. IJC's mission is sustained by three strategic dimensions: consulting services for SMEs, training for members and research.

In March 2014, IJC was distinguished as the Junior Company of the Year and Innovative Project of the Year, by JADE Portugal, proving the professionalism and excellence of work by done members.


Iscte Trading & Investment Club

ITIC is a student organization, created in 2017, that promotes training and research in many finance and investment areas, such as Investment Banking, Asset Management, Portfolio and Risk Management, and Corporate Finance.

We currently have 30 members, and our main activities lie under 3 main departments:

  • Research: perform research papers that are composed by multiple analysis on a variety of topics, such as, capital markets, equities, economic developments, forex, commodities, mergers and acquisitions, and others;
  • Asset Management: Management of a fictitious investment portfolio composed by stocks, bonds and other financial assets;
  • Marketing: managing club’s branding and implement marketing strategy, as well as maintaining all needed operational marketing related activities;

Our main goal is to prepare the best students of Iscte Business School towards a successful and challenging career, whether it is national or international, in target areas such as Investment Banking, Asset Management, Sales & Trading and Financial Consultancy.

We achieve the following through constant training and development of our members, promoted either by the club or our business partners in target areas; promote quality standards equal to the ones practised in the professional financial industry; business trips to our partner companies’ offices; partnerships with media companies; and other internal or external events that promote professional development and networking opportunities.


Association of Management students (NEG)

Every year Association of Management students organises events which are promoting academic spirit and personal development of the Management students as well as sessions with companies with the principal objective of acquiring basic skills in order to prepare its participants for the job market. Year after year, NEG has been growing and currently its goal is to include NEG’s activities as a main complement of the Bachelor in Management degree.


Association of Finance and Accounting students (NEFC)

Association of Finance and Accounting students was established by Bachelor in Finance and Accounting students of iscte Business School.

Every year Association of Finance and Accounting students offers various activities, such as:

  • Promoting Bachelor in Finance and Accounting degree at Iscte Business School;
  • Organising social activities for Finance and Accounting students and Iscte Business School students;
  • Developing activities to complement the Bachelor in Finance and Accounting degree.


Association of Marketing students (NAMI)

NAMI is the collective body whose main mission is to represent all Iscte Business School Marketing students (undergraduate or master programme).

Since its founding, NAMI organizes various activities and offers complementary training to the one provided by Iscte Business School in order to facilitate student integration into the academy. This aims to bring students closer to the job market and professional world while there are still studying.

Our main goal is develop the leaders and marketeers of tomorrow.


Núcleo de Alunos de Gestão Industrial e Logística (Association of Industrial Management and Logistics Students)

NAGIL is the organization that represents the students of the Industrial Management and Logistics degrees at Iscte Business School. As main objectives, NAGIL intends to contribute to the recognition of the degrees among the job market and potential students, as well as to promote good communication between all students, current and former, encouraging the sharing of experiences. It also intends to organize workshops and conferences - with special emphasis on the areas of Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain - contributing to the training and acquisition of students' skills in the area of Industrial Management.


Núcleo de Alunos de Economia (Association of Students of Economics)

NAE (Association of Students of Economics), created in 2001, was formed with the objective of supporting all students of the Economics degree. Providing enriching experiences for soft skills, NAE is not indifferent to future professional needs. The recreational component is not forgotten but utterly important, as it allows the integration of all students!


Núcleo de Alunos de Recursos Humanos (Association of Human Resources Students)

NERH, the organization that represents the students of the Human Resources Management Degree, intends to promote the course at Iscte and on the job market.

We aim to promote learning opportunities, both at the academic and professional level, through various projects that will enhance the cohesion and development of the students we serve.

We further understand that our mission is to contribute to a paradigm shift in our training area.

We dream big - we don't want to be just another association.


Academic "Tuna" Group

The "Tuna" musical group of Iscte was founded on December 7, 1990, at a time when the academic tradition in Lisbon was almost nonexistent. With 20 years of existence, TAISCTE is proud to be a mixed tuna (female & male participants), which strives to maintain the Academic Spirit and Tradition. It shares the taste for music and above all for the friendship that unites them.

It has in its history performances all over the country, as well as several performances abroad, in festivals, tuna meetings, popular parties, charity parties, cultural events, radio and television programs.

Iscte Club

For the training an innovative hub in the development and interaction of civil society and the academy, was legally established in May 25, 2007, Iscte Club, Portuguese Association nonprofit.
To Iscte Club can join the alumni of undergraduate programmes, postgraduate programmes, masters programmes and doctoral programmes, as well as current and former teachers.


Iscte Choir

The Iscte Choir was started in October 2015, and is currently under the musical direction of maestro João Barros.

It is open to all the community members of Iscte (students, alumni, professors, researchers and staff), as well as to people without connection to the institution.

It rehearses regularly on Tuesday and Thursday between 13:00 and 14:30 in the Iscte facilities.

Get more information at Iscte Choir Facebook page!


mISCuTEm is the theatre group of Iscte, which began in 2001.

Get more information at mISCuTEm Facebook page!

VIVACE - Iscte Chamber Orchestra and Choir

VIVACE began performing in 2017 under the musical direction of maestro José Teixeira, who remains the group director.

All members of the Iscte community may contribute their musical talents to the group, whether they be students, alumni, teachers, researchers or other staff. The doors are open to everyone who wants to be part of this cultural project.

Orchestra and/or choir rehearsals are held regularly in Iscte's facilities, usually at the end of the day.

Get more information at VIVACE Facebook page!