Understanding the professional skills that today's employers are looking for, our Career Services office has a team focused on ensuring that students achieve them. Working proactively with students from the very beginning of their studies, the goal is to help them navigate the path to a successful future career from a perspective of personal development and self-awareness. Thus, both students and Alumni from Iscte Business School can benefit from the various personalized services offered by Career Services, as well as from the various events held throughout the academic year.


  • Career counseling appointments / CV check-up / mock Interviews

Support sessions for students who experience difficulties in the job search process.


  • Skills Development Week

Weeks of thematic workshops provided by partner companies.

The topics are focused on the development of skills and employability enhancing features of the students.


  • Speed Interviews

Speed interview sessions for a group of students selected by the companies involved.

Besides triggering possible recruitment processes, the objective is to prepare the students for the job interview moment, training their personal presentation skills.


  • On class interventions

On class participation of professionals from the School's partner companies by invitation of the teachers.


  • Career Talks

Networking sessions in a Business Breakfast/Tea Time environment. The aim is to bring together students from Iscte Business School's masters programmes with their institutional partners, putting them in direct contact.


  • Open Days / Job Shadowing

During Open Days, companies receive (during a morning, afternoon or full day) a group of students to get to know the facilities, make contact with employees and have an insider's perspective on the company and its internal dynamics.

When it comes to Job Shadowing, companies receive a student, or a small group, for a day or fraction of a day. The student, or group of students, will accompany and observe the working day of one or more professionals, and may participate in some way in the activities.


  • Ambassador Programme

A group of students representing the various programmes of Iscte Business School, dedicated to supporting the conceptualisation, promotion and execution of the school's activities.


  • EFMD Virtual Job Fair

A biannual virtual job fair organised by EFMD, especially geared towards the dissemination of international opportunities. Being an integral part of this Foundation, Iscte Business School students have free access.



Annual job fair of the School. It often has more than 60 participating companies and 700 students and Alumni. For 2 days, companies are present on campus with their stands, ready to interact with students and Alumni, presenting their career opportunities and answering questions related to employability.


E-mail: career-services.ibs@iscte-iul.pt

Vitor Reis: +351 210 464 225

Francisco Biscainho: +351 210 464 215

Patrícia Pinheiro: +351 210 464 257

Madalena Miranda: +351 210 464 210