Iscte Business School values the strong relationship it has with its Alumni. They play a crucial role in helping to create employment and internship opportunities for current students, opening doors to the business world and creating a wide range of resources that are vital to the School's continued success. Alumni also participate as guest speakers in many course units, bringing their valuable experience and knowledge into the classroom.

On the other hand, Iscte Business School has a dedicated team for its Alumni, providing a wide range of networking opportunities. They receive information and invitations to the School's activities, specially designed to encourage continuous learning. To reflect the pride felt by the community, they are also honoured when they achieve positions of distinction in the world.


More about the Iscte Business School Alumni community:


  • LinkedIn Group for Iscte Business School Alumni

In order to communicate ever faster with the Iscte Business School Alumni community, a group has been created on Linkedin: Iscte Business School Alumni - Worldwide. The aim is easy access to a space for contact and sharing of experiences, activities and contact.

  • "Alumni By Your Side"

More than 70 Iscte Business School alumni are available to answer all questions from current students. Divided into seven subject areas, based on their education and career areas, the Alumni profiles are available on the "Resources" tab of the Career Center by Jobteaser platform. Here, it is possible to obtain information about their location and current position, areas of interest, LinkedIn profiles and email contacts. 

  • "Alumni Around the World"

In the Alumni Around the World section you can find the testimonials of Iscte Business School Alumni about their experience in the international labour market. Here they share their roles, the challenges they have faced and recommendations for all those who wish to pursue an international career.



Francisco Biscainho (Alumni Relations): +351 210 464 215