Iscte Business School values the strong relationship it has with its alumni, who continue to be major stakeholders in the School's development.

Alumni play an important role at Iscte Business School. They help create job and internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students and open doors to the corporate world, creating a wide range of resources that are vital to the School's continued success.  They participate as guest speakers in many programmes, bringing their invaluable business experience and expertise into the classroom. They mentor students, supervise applied projects, give strategic guidance to the School's management, and are the School's ambassadors at fairs, recruitment sessions and a host of other events.

In return, the School is fully committed to offering its alumni a wide range of networking opportunities, by sending them regular information about the School's activities, inviting them to events specially designed to provide ongoing learning and opportunities to share ideas, and by honouring them as they achieve positions of distinction in the business world.

We have a dedicated staff whose mission is to plan and promote alumni activities and provide assistance and information to former students.



Tiago Santos: +351 210 464 210

Francisco Biscainho: +351 210 464 215

Duarte Madeira (Alumni): +351 210 464 205