Iscte Business School has been recognised by highly reputed foreign agencies and associations as one of the best Portuguese business schools and a reference both nationally and internationally in several programmes. 

Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation in Higher Education (A3ES)

The Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation in Higher Education (A3ES) evaluates and accredits Portuguese higher education institutions and their programmes.

At the moment, Iscte Business School holds 12 accreditations in the following programmes: BSc in Industrial Management and Logistics, Marketing Management Human Resources Management and in the MSc in Human Resources Management, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Hospitality and Tourism Management, International Management, Business Administration and Management.

Undergraduate Programmes


Last date of Accreditation decision

Register number

Date of register


Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1031/2011/AL01



Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1028/2011


Finance and Accounting

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1030/2011


Industrial and Logistics Management

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Cr 96/2013


Marketing Management

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 3375/2011


Human Resources Management

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1032/2011 / AL01


Masters Programmes


Last date of Accreditation decision

Register number

Date of register

Management (Management backgrounds)

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1062/2011 / AL01


Business Administration (Non-management backgrounds) 

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1064/2011 / AL01


International Management

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1067/2011/AL04



Accredited for 6 years


R/A-EF 1050/2011/AL01



Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Cr 42/2012 / AL01



Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 3380/2011 / AL01


Human Resources Management and Organizational Consulting

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Cr 65/2015/AL01



Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 3376/2011 / AL01


Management of Services and Technology

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Cr 126/2010/AL02


Hospitality and Tourism Management

Accredited for 3 years


R/A-Ef 3376/2011/AL02


Business Economics and Competition

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1051/2011/AL02


Financial Mathematics

Accredited for 6 years


R/A-Ef 1072/2011/AL02


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Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)

As the world’s largest business education network connecting academe with business, AACSB provides business education intelligence, quality assurance, and professional development services to more than 1,500 member organizations across 91 countries and territories.
Founded in 1916, AACSB Accreditation is the highest standard of quality in business education, with over 760 business schools accredited worldwide. AACSB’s global headquarters is located in Tampa, Florida, USA; its Asia Pacific headquarters is located in Singapore; and its Europe, Middle East, and Africa headquarters is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. AACSB’s mission is to foster engagement, accelerate innovation, and amplify impact in business education.

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Association of European Universities (EUA)

EUA is an Association of European Universities that supports and represents higher education institutions in 46 countries. Its members are higher education institutions, Deans’ associations and other organisations with an active role in higher education and research.  EUA’s mission is to contribute to the institutional development of universities and to promote and strengthen the European Education Space, with emphasis on the following activities:

  • Promoting policies that allow universities and other higher education institutions to meet expectations for their contribution to the development of knowledge in society;
  • Transmitting these policies and defending them before the various competent entities to ensure that consideration is given to the opinion of universities;
  • Keeping members informed about the initiatives that impact university life;
  • Contributing to knowledge and training through projects that involve and benefit its members;
  • Strengthening the governance, leadership and management of institutions through a set of activities aimed at reciprocal learning, the exchange of experiences and dissemination of best practices;
  • Developing partnerships between Europe and the rest of the world in the area of research and higher education  with the aim of strengthening European universities in the global context. 

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Association of MBA's (AMBA)

The Executive MBA (EMBA), a post-graduation programme managed by INDEG-IUL, a non-profit institution from ISCTE-IUL that offers executive education in management and economics, is accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). This international recognition was awarded after its third edition and distinguishes the quality and unique nature of the programme in Portugal.

The Executive MBA is designed for executives with relevant professional drive and experience, wishing to integrate an intense transformation programme, both demanding and challenging, that promote strategic leadership positions and supports a solid career development.

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Since 2008, Iscte Business School has been taking part of the most reputed international rankings, registering consistent improvements in its national and international position.
Financial Times

Financial Times Rankings, a well-known international ranking committee for top business schools worldwide, evaluates both business programmes and schools, and lists the best management programmes available.

Seven rankings are published annually, relating to MBA, EMBA, Master in Finance, Master in Management programmes and Online MBA programmes, as well as non-degree executive education courses. There is also a ranking of top European Business Schools.

The interactive rankings tables provided by Financial Times Rankings allow users to search for a school of interest, sort by selected criteria and filter by location:


Eduniversal | 3 Palmes (Excellent Business School) 

Iscte Business School was awarded 3 palms in the Eduniversal ranking (Excellent Business School).  

Eduniversal Company is the classification of the 1000 best Business Schools in 153 countries in the World. The selection is classified in terms of Palms and Ratings in accordance with the Deans’ votes. The aim of this official selection is to provide students with sufficient information about a range of academic institutions,  classified by their reputation and international ambitions and located in 9 different zones. 

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Eduniversal Masters Ranking 

Eduniversal also classifies the best 4000 Masters and MBAs in 30 different subjects and in 154 countries. In 2021, Iscte Business School obtained the following classifications:


Western Europe (Top 200)

MSc in Business Administration


MSc in Finance


MSc in Management of Services and Technology


MSc in Accounting


MSc in Marketing


MSc in Human Resources Management and Organizational Consulting


MSc in International Management


MSc in Economics 



MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management

#1  in Portugal

MSc in Health Services Management

#1 in Portugal


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Times Higher Education Rankings

Times Higher Education World University Rankings is an annual publication of university rankings by Times Higher Education (THE) magazine.

The results of Times Higher Education World University Rankings by Subject 2021 were released and, in the Business & Economics category, Iscte registered a considerable increase - both in its global position, which improved internationally and nationally (even with an increase on the number of participating universities) as well as in all specific dimensions (Citations, Industry Outcome, International Outlook, Research and Teaching).

You can view in detail Iscte's evolution on this ranking, as well as the specific dimension scores, by clicking this link (selecting the circle “Business & Economics”).

The detailed information regarding the rankings' methodology is available on this link.

QS World University Rankings

The QS World University Rankings by Subject ranks the world’s top universities in individual subject areas, covering 51 subjects, grouped in 5 broader areas.

Iscte was featured for the first time in 2019 in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, one of the most prestigious higher education international rankings. In 2021, Iscte was ranked in the top 350 best universities, with a special focus on Business and Management Studies.

For more information, access Iscte's profile on this ranking through this link..

SCImago Institutions Rankings

The SCImago Institutions Rankings (SIR) is an academic and research-related ranking that combines three different indicators based on research performance (50%), innovation outputs (30%) and societal impact (20%).

In 2021, among the 7522 institutions ranked worlwide, Iscte was ranked 715th in the global ranking and 516th on the universities ranking. Iscte is also well positioned within the Portuguese universities in all area of teaching and research, particularly in Management, where it reached the 2nd place.

For more information, access Iscte's profile on this ranking here.

Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects

The Shanghai Global Ranking of Academic Subjects is published by ShanghaiRanking Consultancy. The metrics include research quality, international collaboration, high-quality scientific research and academic recognition.

In 2021, three academic subjects of Iscte Business School (Business Administration, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Management) improved their position on the general ranking compared to the previous year. Hospitality and Tourism Management, in particular, reached the first position on the national ranking.

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University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP)

University Ranking by Academic Performance (URAP) has collected data on 3 000 universities around the world, in order to classify them by their academic performance. This ranking covers approximately 12% of all institutions of higher education in the world.

URAP ranking system is based on data obtained from open sources. In 2020, Iscte was ranked 1450th in the world rank (within a total of 3000 universities). In this year, worldwide, the Economy area reached 313rd place, Commerce, Management, Tourism and Services the 259th place and Management the 166th, representing a position increase compared to the previous year.

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Iscte Business School has several associations with national and international entities, which contribute towards our continuous improvement as an international and socially responsible business school.

European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD)

A Iscte Business School pertence ao grupo restrito de  Business Schools portuguesas aceites na EFMD - European Foundation for Management Development.

A EFMD é uma organização internacional com membros do mundo académico, empresarial, setor público e consultoria em 75 países. A EFMD oferece um fórum único de informação, investigação, networking e de debate sobre a inovação e best practices no desenvolvimento da gestão.

A EFMD reflete uma rede de organizações dinâmica, relevante e diversificada que partilha um objetivo comum de desenvolver líderes e gestores de elevada qualidade e socialmente responsáveis. Nesse contexto, a EFMD tem mais de 30 anos de experiência na coordenação de projetos e atividades que promovem um diálogo ativo e a troca de experiências entre empresas e organizações académicas.

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Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative (GRLI)

A Iscte Business School foi a primeira Business School portuguesa a fazer parte da maior comunidade de empresas e instituições de ensino que atua com foco exclusivamente no desenvolvimento de uma nova geração de líderes globalmente responsáveis, a GRLI - Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative.

A Iniciativa GRLI desafia os seus membros a refletir sobre sua missão e enfrentar os problemas empresariais e educacionais para o século XXI, assim como os processos de mudança cultural nas organizações. Ao tornar-se membro desta comunidade, a IBS juntou-se a business schools e empresas de renome como por exemplo a Louvain School of Management, a Euromed Management, a University of St. Gallen ou a ESSEC Business School e organizações como a GlaxoSmithKline, a Petrobras ou o Standard Bank. Acredita-se que a adesão à GRLI tem apoiado a Iscte Business School nos seus esforços contínuos para cumprir a missão de contribuir para o desenvolvimento de conhecimentos e práticas de gestão, bem como preparar e desenvolver gestores e líderes com a capacidade de criar um impacto positivo nas organizações e na sociedade, no mundo globalizado de hoje.

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Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME)

Iscte Business School was accepted as a member of PRME in February 2011, with the goal of developing ethical, effective and holistic leaders for the 21st century. The School is committed to integrate the Principles for Responsible Management Education and leads the way in the development of new teaching methods and skills to face the constant evolution of increasingly dynamic and global business environments.

The Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) are an initiative of the United Nations Global Pact and its mission is to inspire education in management, research and global leadership. The six PRME principles are inspired by internationally accepted values, such as the Ten Principles of the Global Pact. They seek to establish a process of continuous improvement among management education institutions, in order to develop a new generation of business leaders capable of managing the complex challenges faced by companies and society in the 21st century.

Currently, more than 800 signatories have joined the PRME. On this link, you can access Iscte Business School progress report regarding PRME implementation. 

NIBES - Network of International Business and Economics Schools

The Network of International Business and Economics Schools (NIBES) is one of the first world-wide active networks of universities with an orientation in business and economics. It was founded with the objective to promote internationalization of the member universities and to promote an understanding of global contexts within business education. Transnational and multilateral mobility of students and faculty as well as scholarly exchange between the partner institutions are the main goals of the cooperation. Over the past decades, the network succeeded in establishing many joint academic programs at Bachelor’s and Master’s level (partly as Double Degree or Joint Degree).

Iscte Business School has been a member of the Network of International Business and Economic Schools since April 4th, 2002.

Iscte Business School - NIBES Certificate