Conference cycle • 22 Feb 2024
12nd Edition of the Great Conference on "The Future of Financial Markets"

The 12th edition of the Conference on "The Future of Financial Markets", resulting from the partnership between Banco Carregosa, Jornal de Negócios, and Iscte Business School, took place on February 22, 2024. It counted with the presence of 12 speakers who debated and reflected on the trends and challenges in financial markets.

Futuro dos Mercados Financeiros 2024

At the opening of the event, Francisco Oliveira Fernandes, CEO of Banco Carregosa, emphasized the importance of financial literacy, highlighting Banco Carregosa's commitment to promoting a proper understanding of investment opportunities. Maria de Lurdes Rodrigues, Rector of Iscte, in turn, reinforced the urgent need to empower young people on financial issues, highlighting Iscte's role in this process.

Futuro dos Mercados Financeiros 2024

During the discussions, Mário Carvalho Fernandes pointed out that the bond market has aroused more interest than the stock market, highlighting a cautious phase regarding the latter. João Leão observed the divergence in economic evolution between Europe and the United States, while João Queiroz, Head of Trading at Banco Carregosa, analyzed changes in currency transfers over the past 12 months.

Lívia Franco, Associate Professor and Principal Researcher at the Institute of Political Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University, and Rina Guerra, Equity Portfolio Manager at Banco Carregosa, highlighted the impacts of the pandemic on the European economy and global geopolitics, while Rui Alpalhão, Guest Associate Professor at Iscte Business School, and Pedro Santos, CEO of True Magma AG, reflected on the phenomenon of the "magnificent seven" in the American stock market, emphasizing the role of artificial intelligence in this context. Rina Guerra and Marcos Soares Ribeiro (President of CFA Society Portugal) discussed investment strategies and the importance of personal reflection in defining financial goals. Finally, Hélder Rosalino, Administrator of the Bank of Portugal, made important reflections on the financial panorama, especially related to the unconventional monetary policy adopted in previous years.

In summary, the recent conference "The Future of Financial Markets" highlighted the importance of financial literacy, emphasizing the relevance of empowering young people in advance on this subject. The divergent economic perspectives between Europe and the United States, together with the rise of the so-called "magnificent seven" in the American technological market, raise considerations about investment strategies and the influence of artificial intelligence today. Thus, caution is advised, but the need for self-reflection on one's investment goals and risk management remains fundamental in the current global financial scenario.