Iscte Business School • 16 Feb 2024
Sandro Mendonça appointed by the European Commission

Iscte Business School Professor Invited by the European Commission to Lead Project on the Future of Big Tech in Europe by 2040

Sandro Mendonça, Professor and Economist at ISCTE Business School, was recently invited by the European Commission, in collaboration with DG Research and DG Connect, to lead a highly relevant project. The project will analyze the role and impact of Big Tech in Europe by 2040.

The project team will be composed of members from various European nationalities, including Daniele Archibugi, Lena Tsipouri, and Anna Gerbrandy, two economists and a jurist. Together, they will dedicate themselves to examining the implications of Big Tech, large technology companies that are redefining the modern world.

The study highlights Big Tech's leadership in research and development (R&D) and its unprecedented influence on the global economy. Faced with this new reality, Europe faces a series of crucial issues that require attention and immediate action.

The project aims to anticipate the implications of Big Tech for the future of Europe by 2040, exploring alternative scenarios and challenges. Four distinct scenarios have been outlined: "Winners Tech All", "Pax Technologica", "Re-matching" and "Closet Liberalism", each presenting unique challenges and opportunities for the European continent.

In an innovative report for the European Commission, the authors, with the contribution of 30 industry and academia experts, propose strategies for the European Union to maintain its competitive position in a world influenced by Big Tech.

Among the strategic conclusions are the need to:

  • Strengthen regulations and antitrust actions to contain the market power of Big Tech.
  • Invest significantly in research and innovation to promote Europe's productive capacity in key sectors.

Under the leadership of Professor Sandro Mendonça, this project promises to provide strategic insights to guide the European Union's policies and strategies towards Big Tech, thus ensuring Europe's competitiveness and economic well-being by 2040.

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