Prizes • 11 Mar 2024
Professor Ana Isabel Lopes and former student António Ramirez Carvalho receive the "Best Paper Award"

Professor Ana Isabel Lopes, director of the Master's Degree in Accounting and Management Control at ISCTE Business School, and former student António Ramirez Carvalho, received the "Best Paper Award" at the VIII International Forum of Management, held in Estoril from March 7 to 9, 2024. The awarded paper, entitled "Determinants of voluntary adoption of SASB Standards to disclose sustainability issues: An international perspective", examines the factors that influence the voluntary adoption of the SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) standards for the disclosure of sustainability information by companies.

Ana Isabel Lopes

This year, the Forum, which brought together experts from various areas of management, focused on two key themes for the future of organizations: Technology and Sustainability. The awarded work by Professor Ana Isabel Lopes and António Ramirez Carvalho stands out for addressing a highly relevant topic in the current context, demonstrating the ability of ISCTE Business School to generate cutting-edge knowledge with a real impact on society.

Award reinforces the excellence of research at ISCTE Business School

The awarding of the "Best Paper Award" to this work is a recognition of the excellence of the research carried out at ISCTE Business School, as well as the quality of the education provided by the institution. The award also reinforces the importance of collaboration between professors and students, which is fundamental for the production of innovative and relevant knowledge.

The academic community of ISCTE Business School congratulated Professor Ana Isabel Lopes and António Ramirez Carvalho on winning the "Best Paper Award". This award is a source of pride for the institution and an incentive to continue developing research excellence in the areas of management, technology and sustainability.