Conference cycle • 21 Mar 2024
Accounting Talks: What About Sustainability?

The J.J. Laginha Auditorium hosted the first series of lectures entitled Accounting Talks, organized by the Accounting Department on March 21st.

This inaugural episode, entitled "What about sustainability?", offered an in-depth view of the new challenges and career opportunities in the ESG - Environmental, Social and Governance field and their interconnections. It featured three keynote speakers: Professor Ana Isabel Lopes, Director of the Master's in Accounting and Management Control at Iscte Business School, Pedro Cruz, Partner at KPMG, and Nádia Rodrigues, Sustainability Reporting Controller at EDP - the latter two being renowned experts in the field who provided valuable insights.

This event provided a platform for learning and brainstorming, while also highlighting the growing importance of sustainability in business and society as a whole. It fostered new opportunities for students at Iscte Business School, where the Accounting area serves as a catalyst for change and sustainable integration alongside Management and Finance disciplines.