Research • 05 Feb 2024
Grudis Conference Crowns Iscte Business School with Four Awards

The Institute of Accounting and Administration at the University of Aveiro hosted the XXIII Grudis Conference and Doctoral Colloquium on February 2nd and 3rd, 2024. Professor Ann Jorissen from the University of Antwerp delivered a thought-provoking keynote address on "Corporate Governance: Research Opportunities and Challenges," followed by a stimulating roundtable discussion titled "Challenges in the Accounting: Profession, Education, and Research."

However, the real highlight for Iscte Business School came in the form of awards. This year, attendees from Iscte Business School stood out (ex-aequo other participants): 

  • The Doctoral Colloquium Award: grants access to the Grudis-EAA colaboration agreement, which provides exclusive benefits to selected doctoral students.
  • The Outstanding Reviewer Award: recognises exceptional service to the review process among peers. Congratulations to Jonas Oliveira for being recognized by the Standing Scientific Committee
  • The Accounting and Management Review (AMR) Award: recognises the best papers that stand out for their excellence among peers and whose authors apply to the Award. Congratulations to Margarida Liberato, Inna Paiva and Rogério Serrasqueiro for having applied and been awarded by Ordem dos Contabilistas Certificados.
  • The Outstanding paper Award:  recognises conference papers that stand out for their excellence among peers; all conference papers are eligible. Congratulations to Ana Isabel Lopes and Daniela Penela for being recognized by the reviewers’ recommendations and nominated by an independent panel in a two-stage process.
Grudis 2024

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In total, professors and doctoral students from Iscte Business School received awards in all four categories of the Grudis - Accounting Research Conference. 

This remarkable achievement demonstrates Iscte Business School's exceptional contribution to accounting research. Congratulations to all the winners!