Iscte Business School Research Center


Scientific research is a key component of Iscte.

One of the institution's core strategies is to become a research university with high-quality, internationalized scientific performance, capable of contributing to the advancement of knowledge and applying it to institutions, the economy and society.

The Business Research Unit (BRU) is Iscte's multidisciplinary research center, covering management, accounting, marketing, data analysis, economics, finance, and organizational behavior and human resources. The researchers are mainly teachers of the Business School. BRU holds the classification of "Excellent" by the Portuguese Foundation for Science & Tecnhology (FCT). 

The main objective is to promote research in accordance with high international standards, namely through the following 3 pillars:

  • Research | Excellence in research through solid research methods grounded in the international scientific literature.
  • Teaching | Excellence in teaching, with high quality PhD programs.
  • Knowledge Transfer | Excellence in knowledge transfer, with the development of specific solutions to concrete challenges.

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