IBS Summer School Lisbon student, Yoyo Leong from Macau

1. How can I apply for the Summer School Lisbon?

In the 1st application step, the student only needs to fill and submit the online form.

When we open the 2nd applicatinon step, we will contact all the students with the guidelines for them to proceed with the formal application at our system and the payment fee.

After the student proceeds with the payment fee an Acceptance Letter will be issued.

2. Who can apply for the Summer School Lisbon?

The summer school courses are available to students at the for bachelor or master level and those that are interested in having an international academic experience at Iscte Business School.

3. Can I attend more than one course?

Yes. However it is not possible to attend more than two courses per edition (June, July and Mid-July) and one course should be during the morning period and the other one during the afternoon.

The tuition fee for the second one will have a discount of 10%.

4. What are the criteria to select students who will participate in the summer programme?

During the 2nd application phase, applications are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. As we have a limited number of vacancies for each programme, earlier applications are recommended.

5. What is the deadline for applications?

We recommend that you apply as soon as possible in order your guarantee a place.

6. Do I need to present any English language certificate?

No. there is no need to deliver an English language certificate (like TOEFL) but since all courses are taught in English, it is recommended that students who apply for the summer programme have a satisfactory level of English.

7. Do I need to have any knowledge of Portuguese language?

No, all courses will be conducted in English.

8. Are there any pre-requisites for the courses?

Yes, for some of the courses. For example: students who want to apply for the "International Financial Management" programme should have some previous knowledge of finance. Please check-out the syllabus of each course.

9. Is there any scholarship or tuition available to attend the summer programme?

Unfortunately, there are no scholarship available for summer schools but we can recommend these website: http:\\www.scholarshipportal.eu/ or https://globalscholarships.com/  where you may look for some financial support to come to Lisbon.

10. I was selected to participate in the summer school lisbon and I paid the fee but for personal reasons I need to cancel my application. Can I be refunded?

If the student withdraws the application before the beginning of the course, 200€ of the amount paid will be retained by Iscte and the rest refunded (bank fees charged will be supported by the student). In case of cancelation after this date, no reimbursements can be made.

11. How does the grading system work for the summer course?

Usually the evaluation is based on class participation, individual/group work and a final test but this may vary from course to course. Therefore, we recommend you to check each course syllabus to see the grading system that is applied.

For those who successfully complete the course (get approval on their course and do not miss more than 20% of the classes) an Academic Transcript will be issued. this transcript will indicate the total of hours and ECTS credits earned. For those who failed the course, a Certificate of Attendance will be given.

12. Are there any extra-curricular activities organised?
Cultural and leisure activities are offered every day during the Summer School (visits to museums, viewings of football matches, surf lessons, parties, etc). On the weekend, we offer our international students the opportunity to discover Lisbon and Portugal, either through day visits to the most interesting places in Lisbon or 2 or 3-day trips to other remarkable cities outside Lisbon.
13. Apart from the programme fees, are there any other costs involved?

Students are responsible for their own meals, flights, lodging and overseas health / travel insurance. Some of the optional activities may have an associated cost (entrance fees to museums, trips out of Lisbon, etc). The total expected amount of all the optional activities in the programme may be around 300€, including a trip to Porto or to Algarve during the 2nd weekend. (these activities are not mandatory).



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