Academic Services

Academic Services (SGE) is responsible for the administrative management of academic matters for individual students. SGE is divided into different units, so students should contact the unit that manages the course in which they are enrolled regarding issues related to their academic path. A quicker way to obtain information about your academic status, including the status of your tuition payment, is the student portal on the platform Fénix. For other situations, you may contact SGE in-person or over telephone during hours of attendance, or by e-mailing our institutional address.

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The University Sports Unit (UniSport) aims to promote the wellbeing of the entire academic community, creating conditions that allow for the integration of high-caliber athletic performance into academic life, the inclusion of new students and employees in sports activities, and the incorporation of sports values ​​in the education of all our students.

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IT Support

The IT Infrastructures and Communications Services are available through their online contact point, in-person support and telephone support.

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The Iscte Library specializes in the areas of Social and Human Sciences, Business and Technology, and has as its main objective to support all the sectors of activity at the Institute, providing textual resources in the best conditions of use for the performance of the functions of teaching, research, continuous education and cultural expansion.

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University Residence

While most of the university population lives in apartments and other housing options across Lisbon, Iscte also meets some of the accommodation needs of its visiting students and teachers with the Professor José Pinto Peixoto University Residence.

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