Why Iscte Business School

Why Iscte Business School?Why Iscte Business School?

About Iscte Business School

Iscte Business School traces its origins back to the former department of management sciences, established in 1972. Since then, this school is renowned for its innovative and entrepreneurial focus, international and multicultural environment, and its excellence in both learning and research. Furthermore, an extremely solid connection to the business world is reflected on the exceptional work placement rates of our graduates. 


Putting it in numbers, we are constituted by a group of excellence that is formed by approximately 181 faculty members, which are distributed throughout our six departments: Accounting, Economics, Finance, Marketing, Operations and Management, Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics, and Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour. When it comes to the learning experience, we have more than 3500 students, who are enrolled in our 7 Undergraduate Programmes, 15 Master Programmes and 4 Doctorate Programmes.  


Iscte Business School is one of the four schools that constitute Iscte, together with the School of Sociology and Public Policy, the School of Social Sciences and Humanities, and the School of Technology and Architecture.

1. An entrepreneurial mindset

Here, at Iscte Business School, each student has the opportunity to get to know the business world from up close. Be prepared to successfully respond to the challenges you will face from the very first day of your career. 

This contact will be constant throughout each course by means of: 

  • Practical assignments: In the vast majority of subjects, the students carry out practical work, either group or individual, in which they analyse concrete problems in specific companies. Often, our learners have direct contact with them, studying how they are organised and how they develop their businesses and activities. This type of work may consist in the creation of a new company, the evaluation of a new business area of an existing company, the design of a logistics system for a business unit, the creation of a global campaign for the launch of a new product, a professional requalification study of a specific function or sector of a company, among various other tasks. 
  • Entrepreneurship Support Center - AUDAX: Iscte Business School is the main founder of Audax, a centre that helps recent graduates with interesting ideas to create their own company, supporting their projects in legal and organisational matters. In addition, it has an associated investment fund that finances the launch of new businesses and start-ups. 
  • Faculty with high business experience: Iscte Business School has a range of guest lecturers who hold highly prominent positions in major Portuguese companies, and who pass on all their experience and practical knowledge in class. These elements are an excellent means of contact for students embarking on their professional careers.
2. A unique international contact

Iscte Business School currently has about 250 students exchanging in over 30 countries in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Besides, we receive about 400 international students from over 40 nationalities, who attend our Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes or Summer Universities. This multiculturalism allows students to meet and experience different cultures and environments, within their own school. For more information, click here.

For more information click here.

3. Successful careers

By understanding the professional skills that today's companies are looking for, our Career Services office ensures that students are able to achieve each of them. Working proactively with students from the beginning of their studies, Iscte Business School helps them to follow the path to a future career, always from a perspective of personal development and self-knowledge.

This translates into high levels of employability, which you can see in detail here.

4. A culture of merit and academic excellence

Merit and individual effort are founding values of a modern and democratic society. Iscte wants to reward those who give their best to achieve high levels of excellence, both at the beginning of their course and at the end of it (either at Bachelor, Master or Doctoral level).

You can find more information about the excellence awards here. 

5. Soft skills development

Throughout the different courses, Iscte Business School offers its students the possibility to attend certain curricular units which aim at the development of transversal personal skills, such as the ability to carry out individual research, to analyse complex situations, to communicate, and to develop autonomous work, as well as teamwork. This prepares future graduates to deepen their knowledge in subsequent cycles of study and to fully integrate in the labour market. 


The development of soft skills is provided by the following curricular units: 

English for Business II * 

Presentation Skills * 

Personal Organisation and Time Management 


The above course units are compulsory*. However, each student will have to enrol in other course units of their choice.

Other curricular units: 



Image and Research in Field Studies 

Multimedia Narratives 

Problem Solving and Decision Making 

Advanced Excel 

Project Planning Using IT Tools (MSPROJECT) 

Study Methods and Techniques 

Bibliographic Research and Information Analysis 

Scientific and Technical Writing 

Introduction to Social Networking 


Conflict Management 

Conducting Meetings 

Communication and Personal Development 

Critical Thinking 

Ethics and Deontology 

Diversity in the Workplace 


6. Teaching methods and pedagogical quality

We are a school with a great teaching tradition, and we try to meet the conditions that favour the students' learning:

Surveys are carried out every six months about all the subjects and the functioning of the School in general; 

The School's faculty are authors of more than 100 basic management teaching titles, many of which are textbooks adopted by other Portuguese universities. 

Teacher-student proximity 

There is a close atmosphere between students and teachers. We have a weekly timetable to attend to students, providing permanent contact via e-mail, and maintaining close contact with former students throughout their professional lives. 

With the exception of some first-year subjects, all classes are organised in theoretical-practical classes, which increases the contact of each teacher with his/her students. This also ensures that each class has a number of students that favours better learning of the subjects. 

Teaching & Research aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals

In line with the United Nations Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, Iscte Business School considers the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to be fundamental, against a backdrop of eradicating poverty, protecting the environment and promoting prosperity and well-being for all by 2030. In order to promote the integration of sustainability contents in course units in the three study cycles, the possibility of association between these course units and the Sustainable Development Goals is available in Iscte Fénix system. You can find more information here.

7. The spirit

Studying at Iscte is an opportunity to enjoy excellent study conditions. You will be participating in an environment where social interaction, sports and culture activities occupy a very important role. In order to learn more about Iscte activities, centres and resources, you can click here.