Venture Week 2023


To celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, Iscte Business School has created its own week dedicated to entrepreneurship, Venture Week, which will run from November 13 to 17!

For this 2023 1st edition, a series of activities and events have been prepared which aim to reinforce the entrepreneurial spirit within us all and drive the creation of new opportunities.


Inauguration of the Installation Committee of the Union of Business Schools in Portuguese-speaking Countries

  • 15th NOVEMBER 5PM - 6PM

Entrepreneurship in Lusophone Africa - How are we doing?

  • 15th NOVEMBER 6PM - 8PM

Ecopreneurship Hackathon

  • 16th NOVEMBER: 12-hour project development challenge, from 8AM to 8PM
  • 17th NOVEMBER: Project Pitch and Awards Ceremony, 3h30PM
    •      Includes a presentation of the book Fundamentos de Empreendedorismo Empresarial by Professor Paulo Bento


Deloitte, together with the European Women's Association (EWA) and Vlajo, is carrying out a project for the European Commission and the European Innovation and SME Council Executive Agency (EISMEA) to empower women and girls by strengthening their digital and entrepreneurial skills and increasing their confidence to choose STEM careers.


For Whom?

  • It is aimed at university students (women), from any academic background, and registration is open until 6th November.
  • It is open to the entire academic community, but places are limited. The agenda and registration link can be found on the event page.


The event will take place on 25th November from 9 AM to 6 PM at the Deloitte Hub in Lisbon.


Get ready for the 1st Sustainable Innovation Marathon Challenge

It's going to be 12 hours of creativity, sustainability and entrepreneurship which could win you tickets to the Meo Kalorama Festival 2024!

Iscte Business School proudly presents its 1st Ecopreneuship Hackathon, an immersive and intensive 12 hour competition that seeks to stimulate students to face the real-life challenges of sustainable entrepreneurship on the 16th and 17th of november.

To take part, students must form teams of 3 members and respond to an Ecopreneurship challenge, putting their creative and entrepreneurial skills into practice for 12 hours in a dedicated room provided by Iscte.

This event is open to the whole community. Undergraduate, master's and doctoral students from the five schools of Iscte - Instituto Universitário de Lisboa and other Education Institutions can register, and at least 2 of the team members must belong to Iscte Business School.

Only the first twelve registered teams will be considered, in order of registration.

At the end, each team will have to pitch their project, to a panel of expert judges made up of members of the academy and organisations linked to the subject in question.

Prizes will be awarded to the 3 best teams, where 1st place will be rewarded with tickets to the Meo Kalorama Festival 2024, along with other prizes.

Registrations are open until 13th November!  Click here to register your team!

Please, click here and check the Challenge Rules


<This event will be in held portuguese language>

As part of the celebration of Venture Week 2023, Iscte Business School is organising another inspiring conference on entrepreneurship in Lusophone African countries, entitled Entrepreneurship in Lusophone Africa - How are we doing?

In this enriching meeting, we will bring together several creative and entrepreneurial minds to explore the vibrant and challenging panorama that characterises this region. At the intersection of languages and cultures, a new wave of entrepreneurs has been born, driven by innovation and the desire to turn challenges into opportunities.

As guest speakers, we have brought together a panel of leading entrepreneurs from the various Lusophone African countries, together with their experience and academic insight

This is a free event, but registration is required.

Secure your place now, as places are limited - click here and register!

<This event will be in held portuguese language>