Bringing Iscte Business School students closer to companies is a strong priority. In this sense, there are several options for internships.

  • Curricular Internships
    Exclusive for Bachelor or Master students who include in their curricular programme the Internship Curricular Unit. For the 2022/2023 academic year, only the Master's degrees in Human Resources Management and Organisational Consultancy and Health Services Management allow curricular internships. In this type of internship, the student is covered by the school insurance.

  • Dissertation/Final Project Support Internships
    Available to 2nd year students of all Masters and to 3rd year students of the BSc in Industrial Management and Logistics. In the case of Master's students, the maximum duration is the expected date for the delivery of the dissertation in the corresponding academic year. In this type of internship, the student is covered by the school insurance.

  • Extracurricular Internships 
    Available to all students, regardless of year or course, for a maximum duration of 3 months. In this case, personal accident insurance is covered by the company that hosts the trainee. 

  • Summer Internship Programme
    All students from the Bachelor and Master programmes who have a valid matriculation for the year in which the internship takes place are eligible. It has a maximum duration of 3 months, full-time, and takes place between the months of June and August. 

If you need support or clarification, contact the Career Services office by emailing



Vitor Reis: +351 210 464 225

Francisco Biscainho: +351 210 464 215

Patrícia Pinheiro: +351 210 464 257

Madalena Miranda: +351 210 464 210