Our Sponsorship Programme is a cooperation programme between Iscte Business School and some of the leading recruitment companies.


Through this programme, Iscte Business School partners play a fundamental role in preparing students for their lives after their studies, assuming a constant presence throughout their academic career.


These agreements assume different levels, which translate into access to different activities to be carried out throughout the year.




This programme allows companies to get closer to students through a privileged channel of communication and outreach.

This is fostered by their presence on campus through exclusive employability activities for our partners, as well as special conditions in the access to our annual job fair, the Career Forum.

In addition, the established partnership facilitates greater participation in curricular activities.

We seek to create and promote a relationship of mutual proximity between the employer partner companies and the students who want to start or continue their career there.


More information

If you wish to access to more detailed information about this programme, please contact directly the Career Services Office of Iscte Business School via career-services.ibs@iscte-iul.pt.


E-mail: career-services.ibs@iscte-iul.pt

Vitor Reis: +351 210 464 225

Francisco Biscainho: +351 210 464 215

Patrícia Pinheiro: +351 210 464 257

Madalena Miranda: +351 210 464 210