To co-create societal impact by providing close-to-practice high-quality education and research that promote responsible management.


To be internationally recognized as a business school that creates and disseminates knowledge to positively impact society.


The Iscte Business School’s culture is based on the following core values:
  • Excellence: we strive for excellence through teaching, research and activities that promote creativity, critical thinking and continuous improvement, and are responsive to internal and external stakeholders’ needs.
  • Community building: we foster a culture of proximity between learners, faculty and staff, which lasts beyond graduation through tight and supportive alumni relations.
  • Diversity and inclusion: we promote and value an environment where all are welcome and treated fairly and respectfully.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship: we endorse innovation in curriculum, teaching, and research as well as an entrepreneurial spirit.
  • Social responsibility: we acknowledge our responsibility to contribute to society, thus we align our activities with the Sustainable Development Goals.
  • Integrity: Ethical behaviour guides the School’s decisions and policies, and underlies the activities of the members of our community.


Below, you can find the regulation regarding the organization, principles and governance of Iscte Business School. Note: the document is only available in Portuguese.