Research activities undertaken by members of each department are centered in BRU-IUL. On their website you can find the main research activities of each department - publications, projects, conferences - as well as other information of interest.
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Director: Professor Maria João Major

The Department of Accounting is part of the six departments that currently make up the Business School of ISCTE-IUL. The Department has become well-known for its high quality in teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes, as well research. The faculty staff presently comprises twenty-nine members, most of them in a full-time basis. Many of the faculty members hold a PhD from prestigious European and US universities. Additionally, the Department has a group of visiting professors who hold top positions in leading Portuguese firms and government institutions. Their professional expertise in the area has helped to bridge the gap between the business world and the University.

Many of the textbooks adopted for undergraduate and postgraduate courses by leading Portuguese universities have been written by numerous members of the Accounting Department staff. Moreover, the Department has been encouraging high-quality research at an international level; as result of this, staff members have published in top accounting journals, such as the European Accounting Review, Journal of Business Ethics, Management Accounting Research, Accounting, Organizations and Society, Abacus, Accounting and Business Research, Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal, just to mention a few.

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Director: Professor Joaquim José Ramalho

The Department of Economics is an academic unit of Iscte. It is one of the six departments of the Iscte Business School (IBS), one of the most prestigious management and economics schools in Portugal.

The Department of Economics currently includes 22 faculty members. Of these, 15 are full-time staff with PhD degrees. The remaining 7 are visiting scholars, with high prestige careers developed in important private and public companies, as well as in Public Administration, including participation in governing functions. This range of lecturers – strongly committed to their own teaching and research activities and studious of the applied reality of the Portuguese and international economy – is one of our most significant value added. This group of lecturers is strongly motivated, dynamic and committed to actively contribute to society by training students and disseminating the results of their research activities. 

The Department has scientific responsibility for several education programmes, including the BSc in Economics, the MSc in Economics, the MSc in Business Economics and Competition and the PhD in Economics (the latter managed by BRU-IUL). All of them were designed and are regularly updated to ensure they follow the best international standards. Aiming to be in line with the trend observed in the international context, the MSc in Economics and the PhD in Economics are fully taught in English as well as several courses in the BSc in Economics. In turn, the MSc in Business Economics and Competition meets a training need, of a more specialised nature, in one of the most important areas of applied economics.

Also within the field of education, we assume a central concern with the teaching quality and cultivate a spirit of proximity between teachers and students, aiming to stimulate open debate and to promote a more fruitful learning process.    

Beyond excellence in teaching, we also aspire excellence in research. In this regard, we are guided by the highest international standards. In association with the Business Research Unit (BRU), a research center funded by FCT under which the doctoral faculty of the department develop their research activities, we focus on scientific merit, particularly encouraging the publication in top international journals (ISI/SCOPUS). This strategy has led to an enormous growth in the research output conducted by the faculty members of the Department, allowing it to currently be in a high profile position within the national universities context. 

Considering the past experience and accumulated knowledge, the present that we are proud of, the continuous willingness to evolve, and the solid commitment to the academic excellence, the Department of Economics aims and actively works to build an even better future.

Come create it with us!

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Director: Professor António Barbosa

The Department of Finance was created in 2001. It aims to contribute to the development of the financial field through high quality academic programmes that shape the knowledge and competencies of current and future professionals and by conducting state-of-the-art research that stands to have an impact on scientific and professional developments in the field.

The Department offers a wide range of compulsory and elective courses in the undergraduate programmes, and is responsible for specialized master's and PhD programmes.

Research is carried out in line with the most rigorous international standards. Faculty members regularly publish in the most prestigious journals in their fields such as the Journal of Finance, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis and Mathematical Finance.  They are also invited to participate in the most important conferences worldwide and are actively engaged in supervising demanding, breakthrough projects in the master's and PhD programmes.

Most of the Department's 20 faculty members are full-time staff and hold PhDs.

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Marketing, Operations and General Management

Department Director: Professor Susana Marques

The Department of Management was created in 1972 and was the precursor of ISCTE Business School. It is currently one of the three departments that make up the Business School and it oversees four main subject areas: Human Resources, Marketing, Operations and Logistics, and General Management.

It aims to contribute to the development of the management field by developing high-quality academic programmes that go into shaping the knowledge and competencies of future professionals and updating and revitalizing the skills and mindsets of people already in the job market. The Department also conducts state-of-the-art research that eventually has an impact on the design and content of the academic programmes offered and, of course, on the business community at large.

The Department offers a wide range of compulsory and elective courses in the undergraduate programmes, and is responsible for several specialized master's and PhD programmes in all the areas the Department supervises. 
Research conducted under the umbrella of the Department usually strives to contain an applied research component that involves the business world while sparking the development of multi disciplinary and cross boarder projects.

The Department has a faculty of approximately 50, most of whom are full-time staff with PhD degrees.

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Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics

Diretor: Professor Teresa Calapez

 The Department of Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics at ISCTE Business School was created in 1998.  Since its faculty has vast experience in both teaching and research, the department has played a key role in the way ISCTE is structured and is responsible for a host of college-wide activities involving research, teaching, consulting and education.

The Department of Quantitative Methods for Management and Economics is one of the six departments that make up the Business School and has been an important reference in undergraduate and graduate teaching and research in Portugal and abroad. Recognizing the crucial importance of quantitative methods, the Department strives to keep the field front and centre - not only at  ISCTE - but within the field of academics itself.

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Human Resources and Organisational Behavior

Director: Professor Ana Passos

The Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior (DRHCO) comprehends 22 faculty members, among which 18 hold a PhD. Its members have been conducting innovative research within international networks.  Some of its members assume leading professional positions at several organizations and are usually involved in partnerships with public institutions and business corporations thus bridging the development of management practices with research relevancy and teaching excellence.

The Department coordinates an integrated set of courses in HRM at the undergraduate degree, master and PhD level. The adoption of English as a teaching language at the Master and PhD level stimulates the international mobility of its alumni. The Department is also responsible for the Master in Organizational Behavior.

The Department holds as a principle the balance between scientific rigor and professional relevancy. To achieve this, the Department privileges the research and publication at the international level, participates in several European research networks, and simultaneously builds upon a strong tradition of working closely with the business community, thus producing actionable knowledge useful to develop organizations that integrates our economic surroundings.

Welcome to the Department of Human Resources and Organizational Behavior, ISCTE Business School!

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