Courses for Summer 2021

IBS Summer School Lisbon student, Yoyo Leong from Macau

The courses in June and Mid-June will be lectured online.

For the courses in July and Mid-July, it will be possible for the students to choose to attend the course on campus or online. We are still evaluating the possibility to offer these courses only at the campus, only online or in both ways.

You can find the course list for 2021 below:


Online - Start: May 31st | End: June 9th 

European Cross-Cultural Management


Online - Start: June 14th | End: June 30th 

- Trends in Digital Marketing

July Arrival day: July 4th | Departure day: July 24th

- Leadership and Strategic Knowledge

- Brand Management and Marketing Communications

Mid-July Arrival day: July 25th | Departure day: August 12th

- International Business

- Cross Cultural Communication and Negotiation

Note: All courses are worth 6 ECTS credits (except European Cross-Cultural Management which is worth 3 ECTS).



Patrícia Pinheiro 

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