Winter School Lisbon 2024

Winter School Lisbon 2023

Bathed by the Tagus river and close to the Atlantic ocean, Lisbon is cosy, attractive and filled with a happy ambiance you can feel at each corner of the street. High luminosity in the day and beautiful sunset at the seaside are the other ingredients for a delightful discovery of the 18th century narrow cobble stone streets in the downtown area.

In addition, studying at Iscte is an added-value for a January stay in Lisbon. Iscte Business School is a top school in management and business education. We are proud to train professionals and leaders for the globalized markets. Iscte Business School faculty’s members are experienced academics with large international experience and they will provide students with innovative and open mind capabilities to build new entrepreneurial ventures in anywhere. Don't miss this incredible opportunity!

Don't miss this incredible opportunity!



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