Rosen College - Dual Degree

MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Dual Degree)

This Dual Degree Program offers a unique opportunity for participants to be exposed to a blend of cultures, business environments, and perspectives through an international collaboration between Iscte and University of Central Florida.

After successfull completion of all the requirements stipulated by both universities, the student will be awarded with the degre of Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management from UCF and of Master in Hospitality and Tourism Management fom Iscte.

Global Ranking of Academic Subjects - Shanghai Ranking

UCF Rosen College is the Top #1 Hospitality and Tourism Colleges in the USA and #2 in the World.

Specific Requirements for the USA/Rosen College(UCF) Option:

Program participants who will be going to UCF in the second year must abide by the application deadlines, normally mid-January (year one), which can be found here

Iscte students admitted to UCF must enrol in the Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management program and meet all the requirements for graduation listed in the current Graduate Catalog for that program, in order to receive the UCF degree. 

All Iscte admitted students to UCF will be awarded a fellowship stipend that is USD 5000 per term (fall and spring, so a total of USD 10000). 

Students will have the opportunity to obtain a one-year work visa to complement their experience in the United States. Through this programme, students are equipped to take on responsibilities with ease in the greatest multinational corporations in the industry.

Please mind the following prerequisites:
  1. A Tourism/Hospitality Management or Business Administration areas bachelor’s degree awarded by a university or institution of higher education with a course-by-course evaluation of the student’s official undergraduate transcript showing that the student has a 3.0 GPA or better equivalent on a 4.0 scale (minimum grade 14/20);
  2. Only courses with grades of B or better can be transferred to the UCF program of study, so a minimum grade of 14/20 in each course unit of the 1st semester of the Master's in Hospitality and Tourism Management is required.
  3. Undergraduate course in Statistics or postgraduate course in Data Analysis in Hospitality and Tourism (minimum grade of C = 14/20);
  4. Students must have sufficient ability in the language of instruction of the host institution, as appropriate:

    i)a minimum TOEFL computer-based score of 220 or 80 on the internet-based TOEFL (or equivalent score on the paper-based test); or

    ii) a 6.5 on the IELTS test of English proficiency

    Note: UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management may allow a student with a score below 220 on the TOEFL to participate in the program if the student is considered a strong candidate, but the admission would be conditioned on the student’s successful completion of UCF Global’s Intensive English course.

Tuition Fees

Portuguese/EU Students

1st Year - 5250€

2nd Year - 16 000€

International Students

1st Year - 7000€

2nd Year - 18 000€