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31 jul 2019
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Among the alumni:

  • 83% were employed within 3 months of the end of the Programme
  • 4% work outside of their country of origin
  • 98% IBS Employability Rate;
  • 98% of Iscte Business School 2nd cycle graduates are in professions adjusted / appropriate to the level of qualifications;
  • Employers are overall very satisfied with ISCTE-IUL graduates: 2nd cycle - 4.6 (scale 1 to 5).
Testemunhos de alumni
Daniel Santos Brand Champion of NYX PMU at LOréal
Having the goal to get into a program with a bold practical side, in which I could develop a wide range of soft skills, and where I could have a closer look over the business world, MSc. in Marketing sounded to me the best of both worlds. With a strong conceptual foundation, this program has allowed me to have strategic thinking on the market flow due to wide complementary courses offer. A marketer must be aware of how to rule business and not only focus on the creativity and sustainability must walk hand in hand, and having many groups works, working on real case studies about real companies allowed me to get closer to the business life. I was constantly challenged to come out with outstanding proposals to so many different fields and, at the end of the day, everything was worth it when I realized I’ve created a bunch of 360 degrees ideas and made them work out. While being part of this program I have taken the best out of IBS. I’ve got enrolled in several extracurricular activities, organizations and, even, challenges in which I sharpen my soft and hard skills met wonderful people and got closer to professional life. If you are willing to get into a journey to take the best out of you- Msc. in Marketing should be in your top priorities.